Logbook Servicing

Your vehicle is the lifeblood of your business; when it's off the road, your business grinds to a halt. When buying a new vehicle, a warranty is an important safeguard against unforeseeable problems with your new investment.

To maintain your new vehicle's warranty, it's required to have your vehicle undergo regular logbook services. While many think these logbook services must be done by the manufacturer's service department, a reputable workshop like Pro Truck Services can perform logbook services and save yourself the trip back to the dealership.

We can conduct logbook services on a wide range of vehicles, including heavy trucks and trailers, light commercial vehicles and passenger cars. Contact us today to make a booking for your vehicle.

Fleet Service Management

For larger businesses reliant on a fleet of vehicles, keeping track of the condition of each and every vehicle can be a hassle. We at Pro Truck Services understand the importance of an operational vehicle fleet and are happy to extend all of our services to fleet customers, including keeping track of all customer's vehicles' full service histories.

To discuss our various options for fleet customers, contact us today.

Mechanical Services

Our team of qualified mechanics can service and repair critical faults on all makes of trucks, trailers, light commercial and passenger vehicles. We will repair or replace faulty components, sourcing our parts from a wide range of suppliers for all makes and models of American, European and Japanese vehicles.

Our team prides itself on a pro-active approach to auto repair. As part of any service, a comprehensive safety inspection is conducted; we'll report back to you with any issues we detected during the inspection that requires attention.

Contact us today to book your vehicle for a service.


A dashboard's array of warning lights can indicate developing problems in critical areas of your vehicle. Unfortunately, these lights aren't always clear when it comes to pinpointing exactly what problems they're indicating; a warning light may be lit because of an actual vehicle fault, or simply because of an issue with a gauge or wiring.

Pro Truck Services is equipped with the latest in diagnostic tools and are able to isolate and repair faults in your vehicle's auto-electrical system, or perform follow-up work on problem areas in your vehicle. We can also service key features of your vehicle reliant on auto-electrics.

If your dashboard indicates problems in your vehicle, give us a call for an inspection.


Heavy vehicles require a much greater level of support from their axles when on the road; a truck's payload is a business' pay packet, and poor tyres put both vehicle and payload at risk.

Pro Truck Services can recommend the perfect set of tyres for your vehicle from our range of premium tyre suppliers. We can also fit, balance and align your wheels, to ensure a smooth ride and maximum tyre duration, as well as tyre re-grooving to get the absolute most out of your rubber.

Contact us if you'd like to know more.

Breakdown Services

If you find yourself and your vehicle stuck at the side of the road, our breakdown service can come to your aid. Bringing one of our trained technicians and the equipment needed for a basic service, our breakdown vehicle allows our staff to conduct repairs on the roadside, potentially giving your vehicle enough life to make it back to home base, or to a repairer such as our own.

If your truck, light commercial vehicle or passenger vehicle is stranded thanks to a breakdown, contact us for help getting back on the road.

Contact us if you'd like to know more.

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